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About Miami

In the sunny, southern part of the state Florida lies the city of Miami. This sparkling city is located between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. The city has a concoction of neighborhoods of diversified cultures and has become a city of choice for many over the last decade.

It is now an important place for commerce banking as well as a center for the arts. Miami is the gateway to Latin America. It has become a busy commercial hub of the US.The city has a pleasant tropical climate year round, in addition to its international appeal enjoyed through its world class dining and entertainment offerings. Miami has superb architectural splendor to top it all off.

Miami has evolved into one of the key places for property sales in the Real Estate market This enchanting city offers its residents a multitude of neighborhoods with diverse offerings in the downtown financial districts that have recently transformed into a vibrant urban community, Design districts for the art savvy, unique neighborhoods like Coconut Grove with its luscious, tropical appeal, Coral Gables with its classic Mediterranean estates, Media and entertainment districts, and the hip and fun South Beach. Family communities like Aventura, and North Bay Village, and the islands of Miami Beach offer the ideal lifestyle.

There are all kinds of homes available for sale in Miami and the Beaches to suit every lifestyle and economic level, all within a close distance to Downtown Miami and its many recreational opportunities. Throughout Miami and the Beaches, various communities offer unique Single Family homes, Waterfront Homes and Luxury Homes, depending on your desires and affordability.

Miami has a beautiful portfolio of homes for sale in Miami and Miami Beach. The luxury and waterfront homes of Miami and its beaches range from two to as high as twenty million dollars. Non waterfront single family homes in Miami and the Beaches, in desirable neighborhoods, typically range from $600,000 to $2,500,000. This is a Buyer's market, especially in cities like Miami where investors and homeowners are capitalizing on the numerous buying opportunities. Miami Investment property makes up a large percentage of the sales in 2009 and 2010.

Those seeking the utmost of luxury gravitate towards the upscale communities in Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, and Sunny Isles. Large, exquisite estates with five to ten bedrooms offer the quintessential lifestyle starting at five million.

So you have lots of options to choose from in the array of residential offers that Miami presents today's Buyers. If you are looking to own a comfortable or plush home in the Southern part of Florida you definitely, Miami and the Beaches are an ideal place to look without any hesitation.

Miami Market Reports


Miami Beach/Barrier Islands and Miami Coastal Mainland Sales 1Q-2016

1Q - 2016 Miami Beach / Barrier Islands Sales

Single family prices within the Miami Beach and Barrier Islands market rose more than condos. With more inventory for buyers to choose from, the time to sell a home and the negotiability between buyers and sellers increased. Please click the link below to view the report.

1Q - 2016 Miami Beach / Barrier Islands Sales

 1Q - 2016 Miami Coastal Mainland Sales

Miami Coastal Mainland housing price trends increased as sales fell short of last year, helped by the drop in distressed sales. Additional inventory entered the market, slowing the average marketing time. Please click the link below to view the report.

1Q - 2016 Miami Coastal Mainland Sales   

 Miami Beach/Barrier Islands and Miami Coastal Mainland Sales 4Q-2015

4Q - 2015 Miami Beach / Barrier Islands Sales

The Miami Beach and Barrier Islands housing market set a few price records but saw more inventory and fewer distressed sales.  Marketing times grew shorter but there was more negotiability between buyers and sellers.......CHECK REPORT

 4Q - 2015 Miami Coastal Mainland Sales

 The Miami Coastal Mainland single family market outperformed the condo market this quarter in price trend sand sales.  Distressed sales activity continued to decline as overall inventory moved higher.....CHECK REPOR

Miami Coastal Mainland Sales 3Q-2015

Miami Coastal Mainland housing prices continued to rise. A large decline in distressed sales brought the overall number of sales down. Rising prices continued to pull in additional inventory......CHECK REPORT

Miami Beach/Barrier Islands Sales 3Q-2015

Miami Beach and Barrier Islands housing prices continued to move higher, bringing more inventory into the market. Fewer sales occurred in the quarter yet marketing times were faster and there was less negotiability between buyers and sellers.....CHECK REPORT

Miami Coastal Mainland Sales 2Q-2015

Housing prices on the Miami Coastal Mainland were higher with condo prices rising faster than single family prices. Sellers had more listings to choose from and there were more sales than a year ago... CHECK REPORT

Miami Beach/Barrier Islands Sales 2Q-2015

 Miami Beach and Barrier Islands housing prices moved higher, pulling more inventory onto the market. The average square footage of a sale was much smaller and the market share of lower priced distressed sales continued to fall....CHECK REPORT


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According "The South Florida Realtor" magazine. "Over the past years, the number of transactions with foreign buyers in Miami exceeded 60% of total sales, which suggest that today’s Miami is one of the most investment destination in the word. Miami is attractive not only to its neighbors from Canada, but...

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